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Welcome to my portfolio ! 

Please follow the links below to find out about everything I can do for you, as well as Collaborations I have worked on with other creatives and Publications !

Available in and around Brighton (East Sussex, UK), I can provide services in Commercial and Event photography, Headshots, Fashion and Editorial Makeup photography, Live music photography and Musical portraits, Body painting and Body writing, Creative photography and Portraits, as well as Dance Photography.

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Write me a Novel is a project based on the idea that the writer is never alone in the creation of their work, but instead accompanied by the characters making their life and helping with the making of their artwork and, finally, the reader. Based on a short story of autofiction called You can go anywhere in Paris in under 30 minutes, the project revolves around the lives of three women who ultimately become one. Each woman has her own chapter and model, and each of them interact both on paper and in front of the camera. Although this short story will not be published, the viewer will be able to hear extracts from it, as well as discover the parts that were painted on the bodies in the photographs. We are thus making up new beginnings and endings with which to play with and write new stories – something that the viewer will be able to do in the ‘feedback’ section of the exhibition.


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Thank you for your interest !

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