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Weddings & Elopements

Story time ! The first time I ever shot a wedding was such a lovely experience. I responded to an anonymous message on Facebook, in which a woman was asking two random strangers to be her and her fiancé's witnesses for their elopement. Looking to do more fun and spontaneous stuff like that, I said yes, and headed to the Brighton town hall before going to work. I had asked the bride and groom if they wanted me to make photographs of them, and we had so much fun ! It was a beautiful moment, emotional full of joy and sincerity. All of that to say that these are the best moments of life, and that I am available, in and around Brighton (East Sussex, UK) and London to help you out in one of the most important days of your lives ! 

Head below to find out about fees and booking.

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Tom & Kristina

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Jake & Lucia


Weddings & Elopements options and fees

Option 1 - £2000

What you get: getting ready shots, first looks, ceremony, family shots, couples photoshoot, reception, up to 400 edited HD photographs

Option 2 - £600

What you get: getting ready shots, first looks, ceremony, family shots, up to 200 edited HD photographs 

Option 3 - £300

What you get: ceremony, family shots, up to 50 edited HD photographs

Option 4 - £300

What you get: ceremony, couples photoshoot, up to 50 edited HD photographs

Option 5 - £150

What you get: ceremony only, up to 30 edited HD photographs

Discounts - 50% for students and young professionals, 20% if booking both ceremony and pre or post wedding photoshoot.

Extras - £20 for a professionally printed HD photograph from your session

An extra of minimum £50 will be asked if travel is necessary (outside of Brighton), as well as an extra £50 for accommodation if not provided.

What happens once you have booked

You will be asked to put down a deposit, amounting to a quarter of the overall price of the session (for  example, if the price of the photoshoot is £300, the deposit will be £75, and you will pay the remaining £225 on the day of the photoshoot*).

You have 24H to transfer the deposit after booking, otherwise the slot will be given to someone else.

You will lose your deposit if:

- you do not show up to your photoshoot or cancel

- you ask to reschedule less than 48H before the photoshoot

- you reschedule for the third time (a new deposit will be needed to fix a fourth date)

You will not lose your deposit if:

- you show up to your photoshoot

- you reschedule 49H or more prior to the photoshoot

- you do not reschedule more than three times

*You have up to a week after the photoshoot to transfer the remaining amount of the price, and the photographs will only be sent to you once the payment is received. If you fail to send the payment in the week that follows the photoshoot, an extra charge of 5% will be applied for every day that is missed, or 25% for every week that is missed.

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