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Fashion & Makeup editorial photography

makeup editorial example
makeup editorial example



'Alice is one of the most talented, enthusiastic and creative individual I have ever met. During my photoshoots she made me feel comfortable about posing in front of the camera. She was very clear and was incredible at guiding me in order to get the perfect results. Alice loves what she is doing and this shows in her work and in the way she approaches everything. Friendly, kind and always with a smile on her face, Alice gives off a cozy feeling when working with her.'


Camber Beach (East Sussex, UK), July 2021

review romane

'Alice is a talented photographer, who knows how to capture emotions and looks like no one else. She provides an environment in which one feels relaxed, and reveals strong and sincere feelings. What I love most about her work is the powerful understanding between photography and writing, the bonds she creates between different forms of art, and how it makes her work unique. I only wish to work with her.'


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), November 2022

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'I worked with Alice for two photoshoots and it was a lovely experience. I got to have creative freedom and got lovely photos for my portfolio. Would recommend!'

Jazz Kirkland, costume designer

Brighton (East Sussex, UK), April 2022

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fashion fees

Fashion photoshoot options and fees

Each session takes 2 hours, and provides you with 20 edited HD photographs.

Option 1 - in studio, £350

Option 2 - Brighton (East Sussex, UK), inside or outside, £300

Option 3 - outside East Sussex and around, inside or outside, £400

If you wish to book a different studio space outside of Brighton, £50 will be deducted from the price of the photoshoot.

Discounts - 50% for students and young professionals, 20% if booking both in studio and outside.

Extras - £20 for a professionally printed HD photograph from your session

If you wish to hire a makeup artist , I can provide one for an extra £100.


Makeup editorial photoshoot options and fees

Option 1 - £300

What you get: 3HR session, 35 edited HD photographs

Option 2 - £250

What you get: 2HR session, 30 edited HD photographs

Option 3 - £150

What you get: 1HR session, 20 edited HD photographs

If you wish to book a different studio space, £50 will be deducted from the price of the photoshoot.

Discounts - 50% for students and young professionals, 20% if booking for two different photoshoots on the same day (for example, 2 different looks that require one hour each).

Extras - £20 for a professionally printed HD photograph from your session

An extra of minimum £50 will be asked if travel is necessary (outside of Brighton).

What happens once you have booked

You will be asked to put down a deposit, amounting to a quarter of the overall price of the session (for  example, if the price of the photoshoot is £300, the deposit will be £75, and you will pay the remaining £225 on the day of the photoshoot*).

You have 24H to transfer the deposit after booking, otherwise the slot will be given to someone else.

You will lose your deposit if:

- you do not show up to your photoshoot or cancel

- you ask to reschedule less than 48H before the photoshoot

- you reschedule for the third time (a new deposit will be needed to fix a fourth date)

You will not lose your deposit if:

- you show up to your photoshoot

- you reschedule 49H or more prior to the photoshoot

- you do not reschedule more than three times

*You have up to a week after the photoshoot to transfer the remaining amount of the price, and the photographs will only be sent to you once the payment is received. If you fail to send the payment in the week that follows the photoshoot, an extra charge of 5% will be applied for every day that is missed, or 25% for every week that is missed.



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