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Creative Photography

Creative photography ! This is where all my creativity (no kidding) comes out, whether in studio or outside. I recently gave myself a photography challenge with 30 different themes to work on, and this is where most of it will appear - look out for the theme 'morning', for which I created a bedroom in my living room; 'forest', during which we almost got attacked by a dog in the middle of the woods (special thanks to Violet, who was absolutely amazing that day); or 'inside the lines' (can you guess which one it is?).

If there is anything in particular you want to focus on together, whether it is inspired by something you saw, or just a simple image you have in mind, we can work together and have fun !

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'Alice ! What a wonderful creator she is. I have worked with Alice a few times now. I very much enjoy being under her wing and in front of her camera. She has a great eye for capturing the desired moment and making you feel at ease, enabling you to feel your most confident. I am so comfortable working with Alice and adore the shoots she is able to get. She brings out the best in me and I admire her ability to always capture the best parts of me. I look forward to working with her again in the future. 5 star photographer.'


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), October 2023


'I had such an amazing time working with Alice as a model in one of her projects. While shooting she made me feel super comfortable and made my job much easier by giving me great directions! Her passion for photography was tangible and she had such a clear vision of what she wanted from the shoot. The outcome of the photos was stunning! Can’t wait to work with her again!'


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), November 2021

creative example
creative example




'Working with Alice has been a wonderful experience. She provided me with a safe space to be myself while building confidence. Her gentle spirit and ambition can be seen through the pictures we have taken, challenging herself to try new avenues she succeeds at showing great potential and talent. I am grateful for the experience, comfort and kindness I found in working with Alice. Thank you friend.


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), November 2023

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'I worked with Alice on multiple occasions both as a model and as a videographer. Creativity has no limit for her, such as blending writing and photography in novel ways. Alice is passionate about each project and communicates in her attitude the joy of making photography. She brings an acute sense of ethics to her relationships with models and colleagues and has en eye for aesthetics that comes out in all her photographs. I 100% recommend booking Alice for your next photography project.'


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), April 2023

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'I had the opportunity to be a model for one of Alice's shoots. The photos turned out amazing. She was able to guide me throughout the shoot and made me feel comfortable. She's passionate and talented and very professional! I recommend her 100%.'


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), April 2022

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Creative photography options and fees

Option 1 - Simple session in studio, £350

What you get : 2HR session, 20 edited HD photographs

Option 2 - Simple session outside, £300

What you get : 2HR session, 20 edited HD photographs

Option 3 - Elaborate session in studio, £450

What you get : 2HR session, 20 edited HD photographs

Option 4 - Elaborate session outside, £400

What you get : 2HR session, 20 edited HD photographs

What is the difference between a simple and an elaborate photoshoot ?

A simple photoshoot is anything you want, as long as it does not require extra expenses for stage and decor preparations. 

Discounts - 50% for students and young professionals, 20% if booking both in studio and outside.

Extras - £20 for a professional print of a photograph from your session.

An extra £50 minimum will be added if travel outside of Brighton (East Sussex, UK) is necessary, as well as an extra £50 for accommodation if necessary.

What happens once you have booked

You will be asked to put down a deposit, amounting to a quarter of the overall price of the session (for  example, if the price of the photoshoot is £300, the deposit will be £75, and you will pay the remaining £225 on the day of the photoshoot*).

You have 24H to transfer the deposit after booking, otherwise the slot will be given to someone else.

You will lose your deposit if:

- you do not show up to your photoshoot or cancel

- you ask to reschedule less than 48H before the photoshoot

- you reschedule for the third time (a new deposit will be needed to fix a fourth date)

You will not lose your deposit if:

- you show up to your photoshoot

- you reschedule 49H or more prior to the photoshoot

- you do not reschedule more than three times

*You have up to a week after the photoshoot to transfer the remaining amount of the price, and the photographs will only be sent to you once the payment is received. If you fail to send the payment in the week that follows the photoshoot, an extra charge of 5% will be applied for every day that is missed, or 25% for every week that is missed.



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