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Collaborations & Publications

Collaborations are the best - that's pretty much how every person who wants to be a photographer starts out. 

On this page you can find out about the ones that influenced me the most - HEAVENLY BODIES was the first major one, during which I even got to help with the designs of the dresses for the photoshoot.

I am also always looking for new poets and photographers to collaborate with for the creation of photopoems (as seen below), whether you want to add your words to my visuals, or my words to your visuals (or even join the Loulou & Alice shop, for which we create different series of photopoems).

collaborations éloïse

ÉLOÏSE ARMARY and I have been collaborating for a few years now, and it is one of the most prolific partnerships I have entered so far. We co-created a photopoetry shop together (link to the shop here), and she helped me inaugurate my own photography studio.

Head over here to Éloïse's website & to work with her !

BODY COMPOST & OTHER GHOST POEMS is our latest collaboration - Éloïse is a self-published poet, and she did me the honour of using my photographs as both illustrations and cover art for her latest poetry book.

collab body compost

Alice was amazing during my photoshoot. She understood my vision and knew how to make it come to life. She clearly has a large knowledge of lighting, framing an image, creating moods etc. because she worked effectively to make sure everything was perfect. She is also so lovely and easy to talk to and collaborate with. Super professional, and the final images are amazing! 100% would love to work with her again!


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), May 2023

HOMAGE TO ICONS, inspired by both Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood, was Charlott Isabella's final project for university - she was the head of creative for this project, creating the headpieces, styling the model and taking care of the makeup, although she gave me full control of the set on the day of the photoshoot, adding bodypainting and props, as well as directing the model.


'Alice is a fantastic photographer to work with, we always have so much fun working together! Alice really brings your vision to life!'


Brighton (East Sussex, UK), May 2023

COLOUR POP ! Lauren Critchley's final year project was perfectly themed for the start of summer - bright and bold colours, bright and bold models, showing confidence and joy, we had so much fun working on this together ! 




HEAVENLY BODIES is a collaboration between costume designer Jazz Kirkland and myself, inspired by some of the looks of the 2018 Met Gala. Jazz designed the dresses, based on ideas I had in mind, while I found the accessories and took care of the makeup and creative direction during the photoshoot.


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