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'I had the opportunity to be a model for one of Alice's shoots. The photos turned out amazing. She was able to guide me throughout the shoot and made me feel comfortable. She's passionate and talented and very professional! I recommend her 100%.

- Maxine


Alice is a talented photographer, who knows how to capture emotions and looks like no one else. She provides an environment in which one feels relaxed, and reveals strong and sincere feelings. What I love most about her work is the powerful understanding between photography and writing, the bonds she creates between different forms of art, and how it makes her work unique. I only wish to work with her.

- Romane


'Alice is a fantastic photographer to work with, we always have so much fun working together! Alice really brings your vision to life!'

- Lauren


'The work here is beautiful! Alice is a fantastic photographer with great communication skills. She is both dedicated to her creations as well as reliable!'

- Amber


I worked with Alice on multiple occasions both as a model and as a videographer. Creativity has no limit for her, such as blending writing and photography in novel ways. Alice is passionate about each project and communicates in her attitude the joy of making photography. She brings an acute sense of ethics to her relationships with models and colleagues and has en eye for aesthetics that comes out in all her photographs. I 100% recommend booking Alice for your next photography project.

- Loulou


'Alice is very professional, I am extremely satisfied with the different photoshoots we did together. Her creative universe is very interesting and she is always open to new collaboration. Thank you for your work!'

- Sophie


I had such an amazing time working with Alice as a model in one of her projects. While shooting she made me feel super comfortable and made my job much easier by giving me great directions! Her passion for photography was tangible and she had such a clear vision of what she wanted from the shoot. The outcome of the photos was stunning! Can’t wait to work with her again!

- Gea


Alice was amazing during my photoshoot. She understood my vision and knew how to make it come to life. She clearly has a large knowledge of lighting, framing an image, creating moods etc. because she worked effectively to make sure everything was perfect. She is also so lovely and easy to talk to and collaborate with. Super professional, and the final images are amazing! 100% would love to work with her again!

- Charlott


'Working with Alice is always a joy, whether that's posing or working alongside her, Alice's dedication to achieving excellent images is inspiring, she achieves magic with light. Alice is the first person who comes to mind when we want to achieve outstanding shots and be sure that every consideration and concern will be taken care of.'

- Tom

'Alice is one of the most talented, enthusiastic and creative individual I have ever met. During my photoshoots she made me feel comfortable about posing in front of the camera. She was very clear and was incredible at guiding me in order to get the perfect results. Alice loves what she is doing and this shows in her work and in the way she approaches everything. Friendly, kind and always with a smile on her face, Alice gives off a cozy feeling when working with her.'

- Konstantina


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